A B O U T  M E

"All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty". 

Proverbs 14:23

A r t i s t  B i o :  

Raymond Shine is a native of Long Beach, California, he was first aware of his artistic talents at the age of 5 and continued to show improvement, until realizing art was his calling. And with the support of his mother and family, he went on through high school (Polytechnic, LB, 2001-2005), studying as many art forms as he could, while utilizing what he learned to sharpen all his skills. Rays skills and talents range from; drawing, painting, music, writing anime, jewelry, metalsmithing, and most importantly graphic design and photography. He would then take these talents and challenge them at Long Beach City College. His college years have been about; working hard, pushing and refining his talents into a associates Degree of Fine Arts (with a concentration on graphic design and photography). And a CSU Dominguez Hills bachelor’s degree, towards a career in graphic design and photography.

A r t i s t  S t a t e m e n t :

My photography is usually represented by; nature, candid’s, or composites. When creating composite pieces, I usually like to make them look old and important with a story. For example, as if they have been discovered at the bottom of the sea, dug up in some excavation or found in old archives in a museum. Through my journey in photography, I have found; fashion, nudes and everything Studio, to be challenging yet great experiences. When working in the studio, constructing my vision from scratch, I’ve learn the professionalism of keeping cool and not panicking. Also learning the importance of; light quality, where to pose the subject(s) and the “priceless assistance” of a helping hand, has been great skill builders. As a graphic design artist, I’ve learned the advantages of allowing one’s self to be influence by other areas of art. The advantages I have gained are, originality enhancement and outside the box thinking, especially when problem solving.

Ray Shine

Cont. - Also, it gives a better understanding for that artist’s area of expertise. For example, by understanding color through painting, design through jewelry/sculpture and utilizing everything I’ve learn from photography, i have been given unique options on how to approach graphic design. Overall, if you work hard, stay focus, while having some fun in the process, the reward is; accomplishment, success, amazing designs & frame worthy photographs.